Get Live Transfers & Appointments With Qualified Buyers & Sellers In Your Market.

Built By Real Estate Agents, For Real Estate Agents

Get Live Transfers & Appointments With Qualified Buyers & Sellers In Your Market.

Built By Real Estate Agents, For Real Estate Agents

How Does It Work?

Speak With an Enrollment Specialist

Speak with one of our Enrollment Specialists to go over your needs and where you're trying to take your Real Estate Business.

Receive a Custom Growth Plan

If we believe we can help you, we'll craft a custom plan around our system that fits your needs and will help achieve your goals.

Begin Receiving Live Calls With Qualified Leads

Begin receiving live calls with buyers or sellers in your market that match the criteria you're looking for.

Dedicated Support

We'll be by your side every step of the way with 1 on 1 support and weekly check-in calls.

Seller Leads

Buyer Leads

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From The Desk Of:

Chris Lombardi

Founder of Leadasaurus

Since I started this company back in 2018, we've spoken to over a thousand Real Estate Agents, and they almost all have the same issues with internet lead gen: Poor quality leads, non-exclusivity, long-term contracts, the list goes on...

To put it simply...Real Estate Agents are sick and tired of getting burned by marketing companies.

I mean how are you supposed to get a return on your investment if you're only being sent tire-kickers and leads who are all 6-12+ months out?

And how many of you are familiar with that feeling of regret, just 10 days into your brand-spankin' new 6-month contract!

And it goes way beyond just the above...

I started this company originally as a side-hustle while I was working as an accountant, but it didn't take too many conversations to realize the need for an ethical solution in the marketplace.

You got the "Big Guys", the ones with the big name that you think you can trust, except they're taking the money you're investing with them and using it to eventually put you out of business.

Let's not forget they share the same leads they send you, with 5 others in your market.

Then you have the companies that make you feel like a slave to your phone because they'll call you and 10 others at the same time with a live lead on the line, and if you don't answer within 2 seconds, you missed the boat.

Except when you do finally get a lead on the line, the lead isn't even in your serviceable zone or their price range isn't even realistic. Welp.

You even got the companies that have you thinking you're working with a full-sized marketing team, to only find out that it's just 1 kid who took an online course, that pressured you into buying using sleazy sales tactics that they learned off YouTube. No wonder they charge so much, everything is outsourced and sold to you for a mark-up, and yet they still fail to deliver results!

And when you ask any of them that charge a monthly retainer for a refund, none of them show any type of accountability. They'll blame it all on you for why it didn't work out, yet they barely sent you any leads that were actually workable.

The worst part is, that's only half of it...but does any of it sound relatable?

The thing is...the marketplace has been needing a system that can not only deliver leads that have the motivation to buy or sell within 3 months or less, but it needs a company that actually cares about changing the lives of the people they work with.

And that's where Leadasaurus comes in...

At Leadasaurus, we're aiming to make you a return on your investment in the shortest time frame possible while working with you 1 on 1 every step of the way, compared to other programs that try to convince you that it'll take 6 months just to get your first closing, and you can't get a hold of anyone unless you threaten to cancel.

When you work with Leadasaurus and this team of A-players, you work with a team that truly understands the industry.

Within just a few months of starting this company in 2018, I left my 9-5 accounting job to go all in. I enjoyed the industry so much I even got my Real Estate license.

When you come on board you're not just another number, I personally talk with every one of our clients on a weekly basis.

This is a team that actually cares about doing the right thing for those that invest in us to change their businesses.

We'd love the chance to help change yours too.

Unsure If This Will Work? Ask One Of Our Clients...

"This is the only time I can honestly say I'm getting my money's worth"

Penny has been a client of ours for 2.5 years. Like most agents, she was skeptical to sign up because she was just using another service the month prior that left her feeling burned.

After using us for the first 6 months, she made the decision to drop Zillow and Just in the month of June alone, she had 5 Transactions, all from Leadasaurus.

It doesn't take 3-6 months to start to see results.

Most Of Our Partners Are Going On Showings/Listing Appointments In Their First 10-14 Days And Getting Their First Deal Under Contract In Their First 30-45.



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