Get Live Transfers & Appointments With Qualified Buyers & Sellers In Your Market.

Our simple two step system will not only generate exclusive higher intent leads, but will also have a team of trained professionals live transfer & book appointments with the most motivated ones. 

Yup...a system that has actually cracked the code on efficient internet lead generation.

Real Estate Lead Generation Trusted By Top Agents & National Brands
So, How Does This Thing Actually Work?
Higher Intent Lead Gen
Each month we'll generate you a set number of exclusive higher intent leads.
Live Transfers
We'll call those leads for you and live transfer or book appointments with the best ones.
Follow Up & Nurture
Our robust follow up system will deliver additional qualified leads via SMS & Facebook Messenger while nurturing the others.
Branding & Retargeting
Our branding campaigns will position you as the local authority and have leads reaching out to you!
Leadasaurus CRM
Access to our easy to use, automation machine, in house CRM.
Membership Portal
We teach you everything from free lead generation down to lead conversion!
Dedicated Support
Tired of company's only talking to you when you're about to cancel? We'll be by your side every step of the way.
Our Crazy Guarantee
Guaranteed results, otherwise you get a 100% refund!

Don't Just Take Our Word For it, Here Are Actual Agents We Work With!

"Within my first 30 days I was able to get 2 clients under contract as well as 2 other clients with buyer rep agreements"

Within 30 days, Cieraca had 1 deal under contract, 4 agency agreements, and 7 buyer consultations!

"They've sent us over 13 live transfers & one of those we already got under contract"

"This is the only time I can honestly say I'm getting my money's worth"

"Within 14 Days they've generated about 18 live transfers calls"

"Each rep had 5 appointments every single week with qualified prospects"
"I Interviewed a lot of people...but Chris really stood out to me"
"I already have 2 buyer brokerage agreements and sent 4 people to my lender for pre-approval!"
"The system he implements makes it very easy"
 This System Is Only For You If...
  • You're a serious agent/broker looking to grow your business and want a predictable stream of leads each and every month

  • You have the time to handle 20+ live transfers/booked appointments.

  • You're willing to follow our system and try tested and proven methods
  • You're currently spending money & time elsewhere and looking to get a better ROI by partnering with our team.

  • You understand the importance of building a pipeline and understand that real estate has a long sales cycle.

  • You appreciate partnering with someone on a personable level and not just another faceless contractor.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Get Live Transfers With Qualified Buyers & Sellers In Your Market Today!

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