Meet The Team!

Chris Lombardi

Founder & CEO

What originally started off as a side hustle at his 9-5 accounting job back in 2018, quickly turned into a future career path just a few months later as he eventually decided to go full-time into scaling Leadasaurus.

Fast forward to today, Chris is Also a Real Estate Agent at eXp Realty, part of an organization that does 1k Deals/year, that was formally the #1 team at the #1 Re/Max office in the world.

Tyler Gerckens

Director of Enrollment

Tyler has been a part of Leadasaurus since September of 2020 and is the sole reason Leadasaurus has been able to help hundreds of Real Estate Agents across the United States.

Tyler is also currently in the process of getting his Real Estate License.

Our Story

What originally started off as a side-hustle while our Founder Chris was at his 9-5 Accounting Job back in 2018, quickly turned into a future career path just a few months later as he decided to focus on scaling Leadasaurus full-time.

It didn't take long for him to realize the need for a system in the marketplace that actually delivered results when nearly every Real Estate Agent he spoke to mentioned they had tried something in the past that didn't work, that left them feeling burned. (Could you relate?)

As the years went on and he partnered with Agents across the nation, he continued to develop the program based on the feedback from the Real Estate Agents who were using it. What originally was only a former accountant turned marketer, soon became a team of A-players that helps not only generates leads at a higher quality, but also helps convert and automate the entire process, serving warm qualified leads on a platter for our Real Estate Agent Partners to close.

Fast forward to today, our Founder Chris Lombardi loved the industry so much, he ended up getting his Real Estate License himself and is now apart of an organization that does 1k deals/year.

This is a program, built by Real Estate Agents, for Real Estate Agents.

Core Values

Client Success

Speed Is King

Innovate Or Die

Do The Right Thing

Meet The Team!

Head Quartered In New Jersey

Chris Lombardi

Founder & CEO

Tyler Gerckens

COO & Director of Enrollment

Aurelia Alberto-Lombardi


Jonathan Garcia

Lead Conversion Manager

Christopher Famoso

Media Buyer

Flora Avalos

Lead Conversion Agent

Jesus Pena

Lead Conversion Agent

Alejandro Estrella

Lead Conversion Agent

Jovy Caballero

Prospecting & Onboarding Specialist

Maricel Caputol

Lead Conversion Agent


Director of Catvertising


Happiness Pawlice


Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

  • Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

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