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It doesn't take 6 months to start to see results like some companies will lead you to believe, just so they can lock you into a long-term agreement, only to have you begging to get out of it 10 days in.

Most of our clients are able to get deals under contract within their first 30 days, or at least at a minimum go on showings or listing appointments to line something up for the following month.

But don't just take our word for it, hear from some of our clients below.

"This is the only time I can honestly say I'm getting my money's worth"

Penny has been a client of ours for 2.5 years. Like most agents, she was skeptical to sign up because she was just using another service the month prior that left her feeling burned.

After using us for the first 6 months, she made the decision to drop Zillow and Just in the month of June alone, she had 5 Transactions, all from Leadasaurus.

"You're Up There With Zillow and Because You Call With A Hot Lead On The Phone"

Ed has been loving the program so much, just hear what he has to say about us compared to Zillow and!

The difference with us vs. most companies that offer live transfers is that while they will call you with a lead on the line, if you don't answer, the lead goes to someone else in your market.

With us, we'll book that lead to an appointment on your calendar for you to call them. You can hear Ed talk about that during this video.

8 Listings Through Leadasaurus!

This Real Estate Agent is absolutely crushing it using Leadasaurus! It's only her 2nd month, and she's about to pick up 8 listings through 1 client that she got through us.

Not only that, but you'll also hear she has 2 other listing appointments that have come from Leadasaurus.

It's been so busy for her, that she has to pause using Leadasaurus for about a month just so she can catch up, but these are good problems to have.

7 Million In 5 Months, In A New Market, Being New To General Real Estate

Chris was in a brand new market with no sphere, never having done General Real Estate before. Previous to using us, he had only done new construction in a different part of his state. Through our services alone, as he had no sphere when he arrived, he was able to get 7 million under contract/closed in his first 5 months.

Both the above and bottom images are comments Chris left in a Facebook group about us. The above comment was early into when he first started using us. The bottom comment is about 3 years into him using us.

Closing Within Just 45 Days Of Using Leadasaurus

Even though she has only been using us for 2 months up to this point, she was able to get her first closing with a Leadasaurus lead in just 45 days!

We've always found that if a client can get a closing in those first 30-60 days using us, their chance of success goes through the roof. So we really try to maximize that time frame and build the pipeline as quick as possible.

Not only do those clients make their money back and much more, they can also increase their budget with us and double their lead flow.

Also, all those other leads we sent them from months 1 and 2, should also start closing and turning into something in months 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Now is when the program really starts to compound!

5 Listing Appointments In Their FIRST WEEK!

Within just the first week in the program, these 2 amazing Clients of ours have already booked, and or gone on 5 listing appointments!

To give context, we gave both of them a 14 day trial to try our program out, and these are the results they got within just the first 7 days of the trial.

"They Actually Deliver What They Say They Are Going To Do. I Feel Like They Are Part Of My Team."

Fentress tried all different types of Lead Generation services in the past that you're probably familiar with, but within his first 30 days, we were able to help him get 2 clients under contract, as well as get 2 other clients to sign buyer rep agreements and out looking at homes.

Not only that, but he has an additional 4-5 other people in his pipeline that are in the process of getting pre-approved.

5 Closings Using Leadasaurus, With 1 Being A Buy/Sell

5 closings through Leadasaurus with 4 different leads, with one being a buy/sell.

Yup, our clients are even picking up sellers through our buyer leads!

Client Gets Their First Closing Using Leadasaurus On The List Side

This Client does buyers and sellers with us, but they just got their first closing using Leadasaurus on the listing side last week.

They also have another lead that they'll have to get creative with, that they feel confident they'll get another closing out of.

1 Deal Under Contract And 4 Agency Agreements Signed Within 30 Days

Cieraca came on board with us just a couple of days after the country went into a lockdown during March 2020 to take advantage of leads sitting around at home, and it's safe to say that she made that right choice!

Within her first 30 days she had 1 deal under contract, 4 agency agreements signed, and 7 buyer consultations over zoom.

1 Listing Live Within 1 Month + Multiple Other Listing Opportunities

Already within 1 month of using Leadasaurus, this client has 1 listing that's live. With already multiple showings, this should be under contract pretty shortly.

Aside from that, they have multiple other listing opportunities lined up as well.

4 In Person Appointments In First 2 Weeks & Loves Our ISA Team

Even though it's only been 2 weeks, we've already sent this client 11 total qualified leads in the form of a live transfer or an appointments.

Out of those 11, she already has 4 in person appointments with them.

In this video she also compliments our ISA team, saying that they are well trained and very polite.

By the way, in the beginning she mentions she got 46 leads, of which 8 or 9 were live transfers or schedules.

She is initially just referencing the total number of leads we've generated for her account (not the qualified leads we've sent her), but the actual total number of qualified leads we sent her at the time of this call was 11, which I referenced later in the call. I just wanted to clarify that since a few different numbers were thrown around at different times.

"It's Really Nice To Find Something That Actually Works"

Angela & Sherry both have tried everything you can think of, but ultimately nothing ended up working out. With us, they didn't have to stick around for a few months to find out if it's going to work or not, they were able to get a deal under contract within their first 30 days.

Most importantly, every lead that they've spoken to actually feels like they want to talk to them, which makes converting that internet lead that they don't know, much easier to an in-person appointment.

2 Listing Appointments Out of Just 6 Leads We Sent

This Client is only 2 weeks in and we've only sent them 6 people up to this point, but out of those 6, they already went on 2 listing appointments with 2 of them.

One of which, has multiple properties they plan on selling over time.

2 Listing Appointments Within 2 Weeks

This Client has been with us for close to 1.5 years doing buyer leads. Over the last couple of months she had noticed that the buyer leads in her market were holding off more and were becoming more nurtures, so we had recommended to switching to sellers.

A year ago seller leads were much more expensive, but we've actually seen a decrease in seller lead costs, so there have been some markets where the seller leads have started to outperform the buyers. Not only with quantity, but also with quality.

Clients who may have been getting more nurtures with the buyers, are in some cases now seeing more ready to go sellers.

Which is what happened with this particular account, as she ended up going on 2 listing appointments within just the first week of launching seller leads in her market.

2 Weeks Using Us And Already Showing Homes With A Lead That Will Be A Buy & Sell

Within just 2 weeks of using our system, she has connected with each lead we have sent her! One of which is a buy and sell, that she is already showing homes with.

A concern for some clients who have tried other programs in the past that book appointments, is that the no show rate will be high, or when they call, the lead will be completely unaware of the appointment.

Stuff like that never happens here as our ISA team does a phenomenal job setting the appointment, and not forcing it.

1 Listing Appointment + 1.2M Seller Live Transfer In 1 Week

"You did exactly what you said you were going to do"

Just within our Clients FIRST WEEK using Leadasaurus, we sent him 3 live transfers. 1 of which was a lead he already went on a listing appointment with, and another was a 1.2 million dollar property in his town.

We often get asked if this program will be effective in higher price point markets - and while there are certainly some markets that are a challenge, the answer is yes!

We always make sure that if we're not confident in bringing a client solid results in their market, we wouldn't take them on board.

10 Live Transfers & Appointments In Her First Week

"I've been very impressed...I've tried other services and they haven't been anything or their leads have been terrible, but these seem to be pretty good."

During a demo with us, we had told our Client that she would receive around 10-15 live transfers and appointments per month at the recommended spend, based on what she was looking for.

The good news is, in some markets the program really takes off, and we were able to hit the floor of the estimate within her first week.

"It's As Good As Zillow"

Whenever we take on a Client in a small market, sometimes these are the accounts that absolutely take off there's less competition in these markets for us to come in and work against, which was exactly the case for this account.

Our Client loved it so much, he had told us it was far better than any of the other systems he's tried that didn't work out, and we were as good as Zillow.

Leadasaurus Client Getting Another Listing + Multiple Other Listing Opportunities

This Client already has 1 listing from us, and now she's about to pick up another.

She also has multiple other leads that we've sent her that might list with her as well.

"I'm Leadasaurus For Life"

At the moment this Client was paused with us for a few weeks as they were waiting on a deal to close that was through us, but they'll be restarting back up next week, because like they said...they are "Leadasaurus For Life!"

2 Pending Transactions

This Client has been using Leadasaurus for the last 2.5 years.

Over the last year, their account had gone on a run of around 18-20 qualified leads (live transfers & appointments) per month, but the prior month was a bit of a drop off from what they are normally used to seeing, and they had only received around 13 live transfers & appointments.

Most Real Estate Agent "lead gen companies" wouldn't share that, but I think it's important to show that not every month is going to be like the others.

Marketing is a lot like the stock market. You have your up days, weeks, months, and your down days, weeks, and months.

Thankfully the following month things had rebounded, we were able to get them back up to the normal numbers, and they had gotten 2 pending transactions.

Each week we do a call with our clients where we check in to make sure they are progressing along well with the system, along with answering any questions they might have. That is where this call is from.

"You Guys Are Doing Exactly What You Said You Would Do"

"You guys are doing exactly what you said you would do, which is great, right. This is certainly what you projected, and more probably"

During a demo with us, we had told him he would receive about 10-15 live transfers and appointments each month.

In some cases, accounts may take off and perform better than what we expected, and in this case, he got 9 live transfers & appts with buyers in his market in just the first week of working with us!

These are people that are team spoke to and qualified before we passed them off to him

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